Evidence that the Pokémon World is Set in Our World

When the new Pokemon Sun/Moon starter reveal came out, one thing caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.42.58 AM

Notice the globe in the back?  This only leads to one answer: The Pokemon world very much resembles Earth.  The globe shows the continent Africa and we can see bits of North America and South America.  Note that this is only one side of the globe and I’m very curious to see the other side.

This is the Pokemon world as seen from the anime:


I guess the country at the left could be Spain, but it’s just not.  This looks very much different from our world, which means this could be the other side of the Pokemon world.  If that’s the case, this side of the globe has to be the one with all the separate regions.  If Africa, North America, South America, and Antarctica exist in the Pokemon world, then Europe, Asia, and Australia don’t.  This means that Europe, Asia, and Australia contain the Pokemon regions from the game.  They would also have to be relatively spaced out since in the anime, Ash rides boats to get to different regions.  This is probably due to the long distance since the Pokemon themselves would become tired after having to carry the user (since they can carry the users in the regions themselves).

One possible explanation for how one side of the Pokemon world is like ours and how the other side isn’t could like within some of the early legendary Pokemon so let’s take a look at one in particular.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.08.56 PM.png

Courtesy of Bulbapedia

As Pokemon fans know, Arceus is the first Pokemon ever created.  There are three Pokedex descriptions.  They basically say that Arceus was born from an egg and shaped the Pokemon universe with its one thousand arms.  If it shaped the universe, Arceus had to have put a lot more effort into one half of the Pokemon world than the other half.  Arceus also would have created other Pokemon worlds since he shaped the entire universe and not just one planet.  It is told in mythology that it existed before the universe so that doesn’t necessarily mean it existed before the universe.  However, it has shown tremendous power and ability so it clearly has the capability of shaping the universe.  This means that Arceus focuses on specific parts of the universe and sparks life in the form of Pokemon (in Earth/Pokemon World’s case, the different close regions).  I’m guessing that over time, Pokemon have migrated to Africa, North America, South America, and Antarctica, but the main concentration of Pokemon probably still stay in the regions.  However, I don’t think Pikachu could have migrated across the world to settle in Canada.  NA, SA, Africa, and Antarctica are most likely filled with bigger flying Pokemon and bigger water Pokemon.


So here’s the timeline:

  • Arceus shapes the universe.  He goes to different parts of the universe and does whatever he wants with them.  He can create planets, destroy systems, and seed planets with Pokemon.  He creates Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.  Giratina gets sent to the Distortion World and Dialga and Palkia help Arceus shape the universe.  He also creates Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf to give all life in the universe emotions.
  • Arceus goes to a specific part of Earth and seeds it with Kyogre (from pressure in the deep sea trenches), Groudon (from magma), Rayquaza (with minerals in the ozone layer), and Mew (which allows for the creation of all other Pokemon including humans).
  • First Pokemon start to show up in one of the regions we’ve seen in the game.
  • Groudon splits a certain continent with all the Pokemon into different regions.
  • Pokemon are now only found in those regions
  • The other continents are left alone and are most likely inhabited by only long distance travelers and some legendaries we haven’t seen yet.  These continents are left like this for a long time.
  • Humans also find a way to migrate to other continents.
  • Humans in the Pokemon world/alternate Earth invent many things we did.  Humans most likely only use the other continents for explorations and research.  The inhabitants of other continents don’t use Pokeballs and don’t capture, train, and battle Pokemon.  Thus, those worlds are not very centered around Pokemon and become how they are in our world.

I know this all sounds weird and I’m definitely going to write more on this soon, but this is just fan speculation.

Speaking of speculation – there’s one other important piece of possible evidence.  I missed over the key part.  The fact that there is a North and South America, Africa, and Antartica itself shows that the Pokemon world is really just our world.  Honestly, what is the likelihood that another planet will have four continents that are shaped just like ours?  The answer to that question is “very small.”  The existence of Africa in the Pokemon World means that we could just call the Pokemon world an alternate Earth.  I’m glad that Sun and Moon is clearing this up and I can’t wait to play the game when it finally comes out.

If this theory that North America, South America, Africa, and Antarctica doesn’t make sense, Pokemon GO will tie everything together.


Honestly, it could just be that the game developers are lazy, but what if though… what if…

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  1. If you watch the first season of the Pokémon show there is an episode called “Go West Young meowth” which sets up Ash, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket in Los Angeles. Now I always thought this was just an episode of the manga and was not cannon but hey, maybe you’re right.


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