Best Earbuds Under $50 – September 2016

Whether you lose earbuds frequently, don’t want to drop 300 dollars on Beats, or just prefer not to spend lots of money, finding decent earbuds can be a challenge. Luckily, the audio market has matured enough that we have been seeing great products for years. Here’s a rundown of some of the best.

Venture Electronics Monk+ $5

At 5 Dollars (US), the Venture Electronics Monk+ would be a steal if they even produced recognizable noise. According to reviewers on Head-Fi, these earbuds have a surprisingly open and organic sound that makes them well worth their price tag. The only issue with these earbuds tends to be their availability. You can’t buy these at your local Best Buy, Office Depot, or Microcenter.  Instead, you have to buy these from Aliexpress. LinusTechTips made a mini review recently which will be linked below.

Panasonic RP-HJE120-K $6.95

They’re simple, colorful, durable and cheap. With over 35,000 reviews with 4.5 stars, clean bass, and decent mids and highs, what more do you want for 10 Dollars? I would also suggest these if you have smaller ears, as the VE Monk+ will most likely not fit.

Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit $23.80

Sennheiser is extremely well known for their high end products, but they certainly don’t disappoint on the lower end. I wouldn’t recommend these for Audiophiles, as they tend to emphasize bass over the mids and high end. For most people, however, they will provide a great listening experience that’s relatively clean and fun.

Brainwavz S0 $44.50

The Brainwavz S0, like the Sennheiser,tends to be a bit bass heavy. However, it is more durable than the Sennheiser, with a metal body instead of a plastic one. According to reviewers at Head-fi, it also tends to have better mids than the Sennheiser, but similar highs.

Zero Audio Carbo Tenore/Zero Audio Carbo Basso $36.98-39.98

Yes, I did mention two earbuds at once, mostly because they’re so similar. These earbuds tend to hover around 35-40 dollars. While they are built from Carbon Fiber, there are people who complain of durability issues. However, they sound amazing. Clear bass, mids, and highs on both.  While the Tenore’s are more “Intimate” which the Basso’s are more “Open” and have a larger soundstage. Either way, if you take care of these earbuds, you can’t go wrong.

JLab Bass– $24.99-29.99

If you need durable earbuds, look no further than the JLab Bass. Their aluminum build and relatively thick cable make it able to take more than a few hits. Although their name would suggest these blast bass all day long, however, that’s not the case. While it does have a punchy bass and clear highs, it does lag behind other earbuds in the mids. From personal experience though, these are well worth their thirty dollar price tag.

So those are my top picks for earbuds under $50!  If you like this video, please feel free to check out some of our other articles in the tech section.  Thanks for reading!

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