My music is now available for free on Bandcamp!!!

Hello, everyone,

I just had a quick announcement: Most of my music is now available on Bandcamp for FRREEEEEEEEEEEE!

Here are the links:

Bad Guy Stereotype: https://mohitpuvvala.bandcamp.com/track/bad-guy-stereotype

Progression: https://mohitpuvvala.bandcamp.com/track/progression

Speedster Running: https://mohitpuvvala.bandcamp.com/track/speedster-running

Start Up the Credits: https://mohitpuvvala.bandcamp.com/track/start-up-the-credits

Cast the Fire of Sadness: https://mohitpuvvala.bandcamp.com/track/cast-the-fire-of-sadness

Once again, all of these are available now for free on Bandcamp via this site: https://mohitpuvvala.bandcamp.com

Please feel free to give these a listen and download them so you can listen to them on the go if you like them.  They are all available for free so you really aren’t losing anything.

Also, if you want, you can listen to my music via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mohit-puvvala

Thanks! -Mohit

Twitter: @MohitPuvvala

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