Potential Star Wars Episode VIII Titles

Okay, there seems to be all this talk about Star Wars Episode VIII’s title lately so I figured that I’d give my two cents on the topic.

The title for Episode VII (The Force Awakens) was revealed on Thursday, November 6 way back in 2014.  That’s more than a year before The Force Awakens came out.  It’s May 15th today and the highly anticipated Episode VIII is coming out on December 15, 2017 so by that logic, a title should be revealed in November.  However, as cast/crew members have pointed out, Episode VIII will not be as secretive as The Force Awakens.  I’d expect to see a title reveal sometime in the beginning of September.

Until then, I and everyone else (minus Lucasfilm and Disney executives) have to wait in anticipation so I thought the best thing to do in the meantime is to speculate.  Thus, I present to you, my list of potential Star Wars Episode VIII titles.


Courtesy of Lucasfilm


First, let’s get something cleared out.  The second titles in the Original and Prequel series were respectively titled The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones.  If the folks over at Lucasfilm are naming the movie based on past patterns, there has to be some type of combative word in there since Episode V and II have the words “Strikes” and “Attack.”

Also, both titles have some group in there.  Episode V has “The Empire” and Episode II has “the Clones.”  The difference is that Empire is bad and Clones is good (at the time at least).  Therefore, the group in the title for Episode VIII doesn’t have to be good or bad.

Moreover, both titles have five syllables.  Att-ack-of-the-clones and The-Emp-ire-strikes-back.  We’re going to take that into account as well.

Lastly, both of the previous second installments in their respective series had four words.  Therefore (this is if the pattern follows – I understand that the execs don’t have to follow this), Episode VIII should have four words.  However, this is the one rule I really don’t care about because this rule can be broken as long as it has five syllables.


Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Okay, here we go:

Star Wars: Last of the Jedi:

I know there is a children’s book series with a similar name (“THE Last of the Jedi”), but Last of the Jedi would be a pretty awesome name.  The last Jedi are Luke Skywalker and Rey and the two have to work to preserve the ways of the Jedi and balance the Force.  I predict that Episode VIII, regardless of the title, will spend a ton of time with Daisy Ridley’s Rey and Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker as Luke trains Rey to become a Jedi.  The one thing with this title is that it doesn’t have an aggressive word in there.  However, Last of the Jedi would make a pretty awesome Episode IX title (I’ll save this one to reuse in 2018).


Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Raid of the Knights:

It’s 5 syllables and “Knights” refers to the Knights of Ren.  We know that Kylo Ren is the master of the Knights of Ren (as said by Supreme Leader Snoke in The Force Awakens).  According to a recent rumor that is cropping up everywhere on the internet, the Knights of Ren (with Kylo Ren) will show up in Episode VIII to fight Luke and Rey (Blastr, Moviepilot, Yahoo Movies UK).  If this is true, The Raid of the Knights would be a fantastic title for Episode VIII.  This title has an aggressive noun and I think that’s just fine.  Also, the second people see “raid,” get ready to see the return of Tasu Leech and Razoo Qin-Fee from the Kanjiklub gang from The Force Awakens.  However, this title has five words and not four.


Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Order Returns:

Personally, I don’t like this title, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the title of the new film.  Star Wars movies are mostly titled to fit the movie in the most general way possible. The Empire Strikes Back is about how the Empire strikes back after its loss of the Death Star.  Attack of the Clones’s biggest battle consisted of clones attacking things.  The Phantom Menace was about how a menace in a hologram (which makes the menace look like a phantom) is allowing the Sith to rise once again.  A New Hope is literally about A New Hope for a galaxy.  Return of the Jedi is about how Luke finally becomes a full Jedi and restores balance to the force.  Revenge of the Sith is about Sith who finally have their revenge after years and years of planning.  Finally, The Force Awakens was simply about how the force has awakened after decades of it kind of slowing down into dormancy.  In this film, the First Order will return to do something bad.  However, this title doesn’t have an aggressive word so it really doesn’t fit the criteria.  This also doesn’t have 4 words.


Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Jedi Fights Back:

This is kind of an anti-Episode V. This is an interesting title because it fits all the criteria (5 syllables, combative word, group, 4 words).  George Lucas tried to make the prequel trilogy mirror the original trilogy in some distorted way.  The Force Awakens mirrored A New Hope, but didn’t copy off of it.  The Jedi Fights Back is like the opposite of The Empire Strikes Back.  The only thing wrong with this title is that Star Wars titles tend to alternate. Let’s take a look.  A New Hope was positive, Empire Strikes Back was negative, and Return of the Jedi was positive again.  The Phantom Menace was negative, Attack of the Clones was positive, and Revenge of the Sith was negative.  Since The Force Awakens was positive, it would seem that the Episode VIII title would have to be negative.  However, “The Jedi Fights Back” isn’t negative at all.  However, this is all speculation and none of it is actually true so no harm gets done in trying to guess the title.


Courtesy of Lucasfilm


Okay, those are my predictions of titles for Episode VIII.  If I think of any other titles, I’ll edit this article and add the new title in.

So who’s excited for Episode VIII.  I know I am, but do you think that Episode VIII’s title could be any of the above.  Also, do you think Episode VIII will be better than The Force Awakens?  Please feel free to let me know in the comments section!

Note: I don’t own any of the pictures or videos seen above.  If you have a problem with the usage of any media above, feel free to let me know.  Thank you!

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