April/May Summer Movies Box Office Predictions

Hello, readers, summer is coming soon and some big movies are coming with it.  I know I did one of these for Marvel and DC movies so I thought I would leave out those movies so that I could talk about other big movies coming out this summer.  This means that I’m not talking about Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, In this article, I’m just going to give an overview for the movie and what I think each movie is going to raise.

The Jungle Book – April 15:


Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Prediction: $250m domestic and $800m worldwide

I’m only going this high because The Jungle Book isn’t facing much competition.  Though it might seem like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to cut into Jungle Book’s box office performance, I don’t think it will now given the steep drop that BvS faced last weekend.  I think this movie will have a slightly worse box office performance than Zootopia because while the movie looks fantastic and critics might fall in love with it considering Jon Favreau’s history with critical successes, it’s competition during the weeks ahead of its release is large (Civil War).  However, Zootopia benefited from critics in that the critics helped it maintain a slow and steady box office fall and I think The Jungle Book will have the same benefit.

Like I said before, I’m skipping Captain America: Civil War because I’ve already talked about its box office potential.

The Angry Birds Movie – May 20:


Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Prediction: $80m domestic and $200m worldwide

While Angry Birds boasts a terrific cast, it suffers from way too much competition.  I’m sure there will still be word-of-mouth hype for Captain America: Civil War and Angry Birds will have to go head to head with Neighbors 2 and The Nice Guys.  Both of these other movies, however, appeal to adults so kids who play Angry Birds make up the main demographic (which is big, but specific and audiences may let this one slip under the radar – think Pacific Rim).  Also, most of those kids would probably much rather see Cap and Iron Man duke it out on the big screen.  However, animation tends to have long legs at the box office and this movie may just survive the box office summer storm.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – May 20:


Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Prediction: $75m domestic and $175m worldwide

While Neighbors made a ton of money for its small budget, I think it’s sequel is not going to make anywhere near as much as the original did.  Comedy sequels in general don’t do as well at the box office and neighbors wasn’t on that Hangover level so I don’t think Neighbors 2 is going to outmatch the first one in terms of the box office.  Also, given the competition with Captain America and The Angry Birds Movie, Neighbors 2 may not be the shining star of the lot in this round.  With that said, however, this movie looks hilarious in every way and I can’t wait to see it since I loved the first Neighbors.  Moreover, this movie will probably benefit from the always funny Seth Rogen and the incredibly talented supporting cast.

The Nice Guys – May 20


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Prediction: $50m domestic and $80m worldwide

As the third major movie coming out on May 20, I think The Nice Guys will also be the least grossing of the three.  While I think it’s going to be awesome, Shane Black isn’t a household director name even though I love his films and neither Ryan Gosling nor Russell Crowe can attract viewers with his presence.  Out of the three movies competing that weekend, this movie is going to get hurt the most because of the competition.  If this movie came out in January to March, it would have been smash hit success Warner Bros, but it isn’t.  I think that demographics that don’t include older men are not going to want to see this given the other options, but $80m is still a lot for a movie of this size anyway.

I’m not going to give predictions for X-Men: Apocalypse as well because I’ve already done them a while ago.

Alice Through the Looking Glass – May 27


Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Prediction: $150m domestic and $400m worldwide.

The first Alice in Wonderland was okay if not mediocre.  Since it made a billion dollars and I don’t know how, I don’t think it’s going to repeat.  While Alice Through the Looking Glass has a phenomenal cast and crew working behind it, I think this next one just looks like your typical Tim Burton film and it kind of looks bad in terms of story.  However, I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t judge it yet, but I just don’t think Alice 2 is going to make as much as the first because X-Men comes out the same day and Ninja Turtles 2 comes out a week later, leaving this movie no breathing space in a month filled with blockbusters.

NOTE: These numbers aren’t anywhere close to exact because predicting the box office involves a ton of guessing.  These predictions are just for fun and do not represent the actual numbers for the future box office (you know… because none of these movies are out yet).

So what do you think about these predictions?  Do you think I’m right or wrong?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!  Thanks!

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