Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Plot Fix Part 2

Welcome back to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plot fix!  In the last article, we left off with the court scene.  In the movie, Lex maniacally blew up everyone and in my version, Lex doesn’t blow up anyone, but an anti-Superman person blows up a fair number of news people in the court.  This scene gives Bruce Wayne the adequate hatred towards Superman to fight him.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

While the court session is happening, Luthor (who isn’t in the court) gives a presentation to a group of military officials and tells them that he has anti-Superman weapons made of kryptonite.  He says that since the supply is limited, Superman must be killed with precision.  However, the military officials decline Lex’s offer and Lex feels offended.  He says to the military people that it’s only a matter of time before one day, Superman will take over everything.  The military people still dismiss Lex.  As Lex walks out, he calls Bruce and tells him the bad news as Bruce is staring at the Batman suit.  Lex says he’ll work something out.  Lex hangs up and looks at a mech suit that he’s been building this whole time.  Lex looks into the TV and sees news coverage (Anderson Cooper since he was in the movie for five seconds) of the bombing at Superman’s trial and how one being created all this.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Now we need to see Superman’s hatred towards Batman.  He already doesn’t like Bruce Wayne because Wayne backed Finch during the public announcement (in part 1).  Now we need to see why hates Batman.  The best way to do this is to introduce this unbounded Batman who lacks restraint.  Batman essentially does the same exact thing from the movie (in the beginning – the first time we see Batman in the suit in Gotham).  The whole bat-branding thing needs to happen.

Clark (who is in the Daily Planet right now) reads the “Bat Brand of Justice” title on the news.  Perry White lets Clark know that him and Lois need to cover the Lex Luthor’s party (the one from the actual movie).  Clark and Lois go to the party in the night and the two stand outside.  They see Bruce Wayne walk out of his car (Clark doesn’t ask who the person in the car is like he does in the movie).  Clark overhears Alfred speaking to Bruce through Bruce’s earpiece and realizes that something’s up when Bruce reminds Alfred to let Bruce know where to go (we don’t know what Bruce is looking for yet).  Alfred tells Bruce through the earpiece that the information should be in the basement (we don’t know what information).  Clark immediately follows Wayne after Clark tells Lois that she should cover Luthor’s speech and that Clark will cover quotes from the famous people.  Also, just for kicks, Diana Prince could be standing in the background of this gala.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

As Clark follows Bruce secretly going down the stairs, he keeps hearing Alfred giving directions over the earpiece.  Eventually, Clark sees Bruce hook up a device to the servers in the basement of Lex’s building (just like Bruce does in the movie).  As Bruce travels back up, Clark makes sure that Bruce doesn’t notice him.  Bruce quickly walks into the crowd.

Clark catches up to Bruce and quickly asks for a conversation.  The two have a nice starter conversation (Bruce asks if he owns the Daily Planet), which has to do with Gotham city as a whole.  Clark mentions that he’s been there once and that it’s nice.  Bruce mentions that he doesn’t know what to think about nice places considering any of the nice places can be destroyed.  Then he says the line from the movie that every time Superman saves a cat out of a tree, Clark writes an editorial… about an alien who can burn everything down.  Clark responds by saying that Gotham’s vigilante is no different in that the Batman thinks he’s above the law.  Bruce also says the line about Gotham city’s history of freaks dressed like clowns.  He then says to Clark that he knows he was being followed.  Clark initially denies this, but then he admits.  When Bruce asks why, Clark responds by saying that he’s a huge fan of Wayne Industries and that he’s always wanted to get an interview with Bruce Wayne himself.  Wayne simply smirks.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Right after this, Lex Luthor joins them and asks Bruce if the two could talk in private.  Though Clark walks away, he still pays attention to the conversation.  He overhears Lex say something about kryptonite tests on Zod’s dead body and how it worked on a molecular level.  Since Lex figured this out, he said he could create a higher concentration of synthetic kryptonite, but it might not be as powerful.  Bruce says that he’ll provide as much funds as he can.  Clark now knows how exactly the two billionaires are plotting against him and that gives him adequate hatred towards the two.

After the conversation is over, Bruce goes to the basement and retrieves his device.  Alfred tells Bruce that it’s been a long day and that he’s going to sleep, but Bruce says that he’ll stay awake and check what Luthor’s up to.  This shows the seeds of Bruce’s skepticism of Lex.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

When Bruce arrives home, he checks out the files in Luthor’s database.  He first sees reports on Superman with highlighted portions of text that detail Superman’s nature.  Next, he sees some important documents regarding Lexcorp’s company info and skips the next few folders because he sees something that catches his eye.  Bruce opens a folder called The Metahuman Project.  In that he sees all the videos of super powered beings (they DON’T have logos in the videos).  After we see Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, we see a ton of video of Superman including one closeup of the face.  Bruce immediately makes the connection: Superman = Clark Kent.  Bruce looks at an unfinished version of the armored Batman suit and knows what he has to do.  He does research on Clark Kent and finds out about Clark’s parents and all the articles on Superman that Clark wrote.  The evidence stacks and Bruce realizes that he has to destroy Clark Kent for the safety of the world.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Bruce falls asleep, wakes up in the morning and lets Alfred know that tonight will be the night that he avenges the death of all those who have seemingly died because of Superman.  Alfred is actually on board at first, but then he sees multiple articles of Clark Kent and Superman on Bruce’s computer.  Bruce explains and Alfred goes back to lecturing Bruce.  Bruce reminds Alfred how his parents were killed and how many children had their parents killed because of Superman.  Alfred says that he’s buried enough of the Wayne family to have to go through burying another one.  Bruce tells Alfred that this may be the last thing he does and it is worth it.  The two finish the armored Batman suit and Bruce gets all of his kryptonite gear ready.  Finally Bruce goes outside and turns the Bat signal on.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Next we see Lois Lane look at the signal in the sky.  She informs Clark and Clark tells Lois that he has to go see what’s up.  Clark takes off in his Superman costume.  At the same time, we see Lex look at the Bat signal.  Lex says to himself, “Well what do we have here?  It’s god versus man” (0r something like that).  Lex looks back at his workspace where we see a few robotic arms building something (sparks flying).

Bruce is staring into the sky as he sees Superman flying towards the light.  He sees Superman tower above him.  The two stare at each other as the rain falls until Superman comes crashing down.  Then Batman says, “Clark Kent, the Daily Planet reporter.”  Superman responds by saying, “Bruce Wayne?  Now that’s surprising.  Tell me, why are you doing this?”  Then Batman asks Superman, “No, you tell me, Clark.  Do you bleed?”  Clark smirks and Bruce says, “You will.”  Superman flies into Batman and the two begin fighting.  As they begin fighting, Lois Lane travels toward the signal, which actually gets shattered because of Superman’s heat vision.  Also, a Lexcorp helicopter is getting coverage.

This fight is practically the same fight from the movie.  However, I would love for this scene to last much longer than it did in the actual movie.  This longer fight scene is doable since I deleted a few scenes and saved a ton of time.  It has to be unrelenting and fun to ask.  Since Bruce’s suit slightly contains kryptonite, the two are equally matched until Superman finally gets worn down by the kryptonite armor.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The two fight and it results in Lois begging Bruce to stop beating up Superman just like how it was in the movie.  At the end, Batman’s mask is shattered, revealing Bruce Wayne’s face to Clark and Lois.  Bruce suddenly remembers his parents dying anyhow that felt like.  He then realizes how he is on the verge of becoming morally bankrupt.  He also remembers Alfred’s whole speech about good men turning rule  and realizes that he has become the man he tried so hard not to be.  This is supposed to be a heartbreaking moment for Bruce as we see him back up slowly and drop the kryptonite staff since he now sees what he has done to himself.  Lois keeps talking to Clark to help Clark stay awake and Clark keeps murmuring on about how he loves Lois.  None of the Martha Kent/Wayne stuff from the movie happens because I just think that was a rather convenient reason for the two to stop fighting.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Though Batman stopped beating up Superman, Superman eventually stops breathing.  Lois Lane cries a ton and Batman is absolutely shocked in horror.  By this point, Bruce Wayne’s arc flipped 180 degrees.  This scene is supposed to be heartbreaking and shocking because no one suspects it.  Batman has completed his mission: Superman is dead.

Lex Luthor comes down to the scene and is very surprised that Bruce is Batman.  He gets over it quickly and tells Batman to pack up Clark’s body for tests at Lexcorp.  Bruce disagrees and says that Superman should be left alone.  When Lex asks why (he says that Superman’s defeat was what Bruce wanted for a year), Bruce responds by saying that there’s no point since there are no more kryptonians.  Lex disagrees as he mentions his metahuman theory (which Bruce already knows about) and how there can be others.  Lex asks Bruce to take Superman back to Lexcorp and Lex leaves.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Long story short, Lois begs Bruce to not do it and Bruce listens.

Bruce (not in costume) goes to Lex’s house to confront him about Lex’s ulterior motives.  Lex says he just wants the world to be safe, but Bruce thinks that there is more to this.  Bruce says that Lex’s obsession with metahumans leads Bruce to believe that Lex is planning to create an army of kryptonians for whatever reasons.  Long story short, the conversation results in Lex running away from Bruce, going through a door, and pushing a button to lock the door so Bruce can’t reach him.

Bruce calls Alfred to have his plane arrive and the plane comes in an instance.  Bruce hops in the plane and starts shooting down the entrance and windows.  He suits up in emergency gear (not a Batsuit, but he has a utility belt and a rifle – it’s somewhat like a thin exosuit) and crashes into Lex’s house.  As he looks up, he sees a suited up Lex Luthor in the armored suit from the comics.


Yup, this one.

Now it’s Batman v Luthor and it’s an epic throwdown that features Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor beating the crap out of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and it all takes place in Luthor’s giant estate.  I know I’m really digressing from the movie now, but I personally like this more than the Doomsday battle because that was just a CGI smorgasbord.  In this set, there’s a lot to play with and NO CIVILIANS DIE LIKE HOW THEY DID IN MAN OF STEEL.  In the battle, Lex says to Bruce that the reason he wants to recreate kryptonian strength is to prevent a future alien attack.  When Bruce asks what attack, Lex says one is coming.  The two continue fighting.

As they are fighting, we cut back to Superman and Lois.  Lois notices the problem why Superman is unconscious/nearly dead – Batman’s knuckles of kryptonite are stuck in Superman’s chest.  Lois carefully removes the kryptonite and Superman breathes once more.  Though he’s exhausted and worn out, Superman is back.  Lois tells Clark to rest, but Clark hears the battle raging over at Luthor’s house.

Now Superman goes to Luthor’s house and the three have an epic battle.  When Superman hits Luthor, the Lexcorp armor doesn’t break.  Luthor says something about the synthetic kryptonite he talked about with Bruce.  Bruce, who is practically beaten, retreats and asks Alfred to send in his suit.  The suit arrives via the plane and Bruce suits up as Batman and the battle continues.  I know it might not sound cool, but I can just imagine Zack Snyder using his skills to visually portray a magnificent battle that is contained in Lex’s house.  The battle results in Lex losing and the house blowing up.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

By the time the police arrive, Batman is gone.  Superman hands over Lex to the police.  Clark and Bruce aren’t friends, but Bruce shows Clark the Lexcorp files on the metahuman theory.  The two decide that they need to find these people and bring them together to fight the future battles that will pose a threat to Earth.  There are some ending scenes: Bruce talks to Alfred and Clark talks to Lois, but the last scene is of Lex Luthor in prison.  The lights turn off and Batman appears.  Lex says the whole thing that the bell has been rung and that he’s hungry (a reference to Doomsday’s arrival).


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

So that’s the plot fix for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I know the first thing that someone is going to bring up is the lack of Wonder Woman.  Here’s my answer: While I thought Wonder Woman was fine in the movie, she’s pretty much only in it for fan service.  I made this plot so that the movie could be more accessible to general audiences, but a few nods to comic fans are added in there.

Also, if you want to read my review of the film, here you go!

So what do you think about this plot?  Do you like it more than the real Batman v Superman?  Feel free to let us know what you think!  Thanks!

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NOTE: I don’t own any of the pictures or videos.  If you have an issue with the usage of the media, feel free to let us know.  Thanks!

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