Echo Smartpen: Great Gadget for Writers!

So a friend of mine asked me what the best gadget for writers is and that got me thinking for a bit.  I did some research and I found something that honestly just seems so helpful.  I just think that if you are an aspiring online writer, this product will probably be very advantageous.

Though a pen or a pencil may seem like the best “gadget” for writers (hence the name), technology has brought the professional writer to the digital age, an age that constantly challenges the limits of human creation. One such creation is the Echo Smartpen, which is every writer’s dream come true.

One of the many highly usable features of the Smartpen is its built-in dictaphone, which allows writers to speak their thoughts and automatically convert those thoughts into notes. No longer will conversations about potentially lucrative future articles be thrown into the wastebin… as long as the Smartpen’s Dictaphone feature is turned on.

If this innovative solution to the widespread problem of forgetting thoughts is not game changing, then Smartpen’s ability to capture notes is. As notes are being written down with the gadget (yes, the pen has an ink cartridge because ink is a necessary feature of all pens), Smartpen’s unique software will save those notes as memory so that they can be posted on a computer so that the notes are easily accessible. This feature makes Echo’s flagship product resonate more with general consumers.

Though the hefty price tag may break the deal with some writers (it is currently priced at $130), the benefits outweigh the cost. The cost will be compensated with glorious articles that are written as if they are directly spoken from the writer to the reader. This will effectively engage the reader more and the article will gain significant retention.

I really think that if you are a writer and if you’re struggling with article ideas, you should get this.  The average human being has around 60k-70k thoughts a day (this is still being debated today, but even if this number was 20k, that’s still a lot).  Out of all these thoughts, some of them are bound to be article-worthy.  All you have to do is speak your mind into the Smartpen, and you’re good to go!

Link to Smartpen:

So what do you think about Smartpen?  If you are a writer, do you think that the benefits of this gadget outweighs the huge cost?  Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Twitter: @MohitPuvvala

NOTE: This wasn’t a sponsored article or anything.  I just really liked the product so I thought it would be nice to write about it and share it with all of you.  Thanks!

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