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Review – Deadpool

Score: 9.5/10

Yup, X gave it to me.  Deadpool was one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen.  Period.


Deadpool had a very interesting production that I think benefited the script that this movie had.  First of all, this movie was in development hell for more than a decade.  Randomly in 2012, director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds shot some test footage.

So here’s the plot: Wade Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer after he gets engaged with the girl of his dreams.  To cure his cancer, he takes a risk and enters a secret program to give him superpowers.  Apparently, however, this program is actually really evil and turns people like Wade into super-slaves as opposed to superheroes.  They mess up Wade’s life and literal body and BOOM!  Now you have Deadpool, one of my personal favorite Marvel superheroes.  Deadpool spends the movie trying to get his revenge on Ajax, the man in-charge of the secret program.  He also tries to reconnect with his ex-fiance and deal with two X-Men – Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (I know right!).  Though the plot might seem extremely out there, it’s actually really focused and doesn’t throw in random people for the heck of it.  Every character in this movie has a reason for being a character.  Even the cab driver from the movie’s trailer had a reason to be in the movie.

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As far as the acting goes, this movie nailed it! Each person was on his/her A game. Also, each casting choice was phenomenal as all the actors really played their parts perfectly.

The star of the movie was undoubtedly Ryan Reynolds. This movie pretty much rested on how well Reynolds could portray Deadpool. After watching this movie (and after erasing X-Men Origins from my mind), I think it’s safe to say that this was the role Ryan Reynolds was born to play. He played Wade Wilson so well that when I saw Deadpool on screen, that wasn’t Ryan Reynolds dressed up in Deadpool cosplay. That was Deadpool from the comics and it was aweosme! Almost everything that came out of Reynolds’ mouth was comedic genius. Though Reynolds was great at comedy, he was also great at the serious scenes that this movie had. I really rooted for Deadpool even though he wasn’t a great guy and that is mostly due to Ryan Reynolds’ acting.

I think that this movie will hopefully be the start of more R-rated superhero films. I think this film really benefited from the R-rating because even though it lost a lot of potential viewers, it was such a great movie that I there will be plenty of adults who will see it. Hopefully other studios can see this example and follow by making their own rated R superhero movies. However, these movies would have to be justified in having an R rating.

The only problem I had with this movie was that I felt that it won’t hold up. The movie had a perfect release date of 2016, but it might just not hold up because of all the references to today’s society that might become outdated in the future.


Overall, Deadpool is progressive in terms of superhero films. It is funny, action-packed, and surprisingly romantic. If you are going to a movie theater with a date this Valentine’s Day, I recommend that you see Deadpool.

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What did you think about Deadpool? Feel free to let us know in the coments section! Thanks for reading!

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