Should Computer Companies Branch Out?

Here’s a interesting question: Should computer companies branch out into the automobile industry?  The answer to that lies within the very essence of each company’s products.  Each company should look at its mission statement and really ask.  With rumors swirling around Apple regarding its possible venture into the automobile industry, it really is quite the farfetched idea that the computer companies could replace every other industry in the world.  

Since rumors about an Apple car are making ways to our minds, the automobile industry is curious about the future.  Mechanical engineers design and implement motors in innovative ways every year.  Considering the technological inclination in life, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that mechanical engineers will soon implement chips instead of motors into cars.  Microsoft could work towards this goal of replacing car motors and make a significant and profitable return.  Soon Windows could be the operating system for cars everywhere.  This would be cost efficient as the chips and the operating system wouldn’t cost as much as the motors.  Also, chips are substantially smaller than motors.  If motors are taken away and replaced with a few computer chips and circuit boards, manufacturers would have a lot of room to develop and improve the car atmosphere.  This is the future similar to what human beings have witnessed in science fiction.  Movies like Metropolis show the path of human endeavours and predict the outcome of decades worth of science.  It is inevitable that current automobiles will be rendered obsolete in the next ten years given the technological boom so why can’t computer companies like Microsoft and Apple branch out to other industries?

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.09.46 AM

While it is nice to talk about motors of a car replaced with computer chips, it is better to talk about the design of these cars run by computer companies.  Let’s go with Apple since they are reportedly designing a car.  Apple has defined the technological industry and has presented us with unique products since 1976.  Regardless of what people say about Apple products, they have to admit that Apple products have a sleek and simple feel to them and people really like that aesthetic.  The same thing goes for cars.  People choose what they feel looks more stylish, comfortable, or smart for themselves.  An Apple car would mimic the same feel of an iPhone, but be bigger and bolder.  It would come equipped with technology and a car version of OS X.  Though users would probably have to purchase other Apple products to get the full power of the automobile, it would still be a car that people everywhere would love to have.  The color would be a dentist white and the car would feature swirly chairs just in case of an accident and the passengers don’t want glass in their face.  The prices would also be way too high, but it’s Apple and people will buy anything they make.  For investors, an investment in Apple before the possible car comes out wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Human beings are constantly pushing themselves to go beyond known limits and extend their reach.  Computer companies should do the same by branching out to the automobile industry.  This would help further the technological development of vehicles and increase the revenue of the company.

NOTE: This is an opinion – it’s neither right nor wrong.  However, this post opens up the discussion to you.  Do you think that computer companies should branch out to other industries?  Do you think that the world will be taken over by these industry-hopping companies?  Please let us know in the comments section below.  Thanks!

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