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Review – The Room

Score: 10/10

The Room is a misunderstood cinematic masterpiece that deserves to be on every critic’s all time top 10 list.  Tommy Wiseau, the film’s writer, producer, director, and star, deserves the utmost praise for his magnificent role as Johnny, a banker who loves his fiancé, Lisa.  This independent drama is the pinnacle of filmmaking as it challenges the audience with deep questions.  Very few movies have left me speechless (hence the small review).  The Room is so good that I literally can’t think of anything on the level of praise that this film deserves.  Hands down, it’s the Citizen Kane of movies, period.

In this blessing from heaven, Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) lives with his fiancé, Lisa (Juliette Daniel).  Right out of the gate, the two share an intimate love-making session that would make any 50 Shades of Grey fan drool.  However, Lisa believes that her love for Johnny is fading and that she is truly in love with Johnny’s best friend, Mark (Greg Sestero).  As the film progresses, these three characters question their friendship and identity against the riveting backdrop of San Francisco.  Along with the leads is Denny, Johnny’s and Lisa’s student neighbor who Johnny financially supports.  Also, be prepared to bring footballs and spoons when you watch this movie – you’ll know why when you see it.


The first thing I noticed about the room was its wonderful and complex acting.  Every performance feels nuanced.  Lisa’s facial expressions alone tell a story, and I can really feel the frustration that she feels towards her life.  Greg Sestero’s deceptive performance as Mark is wonderful to watch as well.  Philip Haldiman represents the universal teenager in a relatable way.  However, at the center of it all is Tommy Wiseau’s distinct performance as Johnny.  His quirky subtleties are hard to catch on first glance, but this is what makes Johnny seem like an actual person.  This is a performance that extends beyond the screen and into our souls, asking us questions about relationships that we never thought we’d ask.  There have been few times when characters transcend the movies that they’re in, and Johnny from The Room does just that.

This movie deserves an award for just sheer number of quotable lines.  Below are some lines that you might find yourself saying from time to time:

“Oh hai, Mark.”  “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”  Ha ha ha.  What a story, Mark.”  “It seems to me that you’re the expert, Mark.”  “Anyway, how’s your sex life?”  “You betrayed me! You’re not good. You, you’re just a chicken. Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep.”  “Hi, doggy.”  “If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live.”

One of the main concerns about the movie is that it has subplots and certain plot points that don’t go anywhere.  That’s where The Room is misunderstood.  The plot points and questions are left unanswered so you can fill in the gaps.  This is a film that involves the audience to the point of complete immersion.  The viewers tie themselves to the various characters in different ways such that each interpretation is unique.  For these reasons, The Room is definitely ahead of its time.  I mean, come on, this movie came out in 2003 and people still can’t get on its level!  I’d give it a few more years until critical perception of the movie will turn around.


If the movie wasn’t good enough, it was so good, James Franco is making a movie (called The Disaster Artist) based on a book written by Greg Sestero about the making of The Room!  The Room’s influence can be seen in modern popular culture today.  Huge blockbusters are just ripoffs of The Room.  The new Star Wars, Marvel, and DC franchise movies all ripped off The Room so all the haters can just shut up.

Overall, I think 2003’s The Room is a cinematic masterpiece on every level.  I don’t have a single problem with it at all.  I’ve never been this impressed by a single movie in my entire life, and I believe that every major film school in the country should use The Room as a perfect example of a perfect movie.

SCORE: 10/10


Congratulations if you made it this far in the review without closing out.  I hope you liked the post, and just wanted to say something about this review: APRIL FOOLS!

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